10 Common Lies Ghanaian Guys Tell Ghanaian Ladies Which They Think Is True

Lying is human nature, at we lie to get out of difficult situations or deceive people into doing something or believing something. But the question is how lies more when it comes to gender. Is it the guys or the ladies…?

Well, for men lies are told in limitless number when it comes to relationship. Interestingly, there are common lies men usually tell to ladies, today we bring those lies right here.

1.I Am Single

This is the most often and classic one told to ladies all the time. Men tend to lie about their marital or relationship status very often. If you should quiz 10 ladies, 8 of them will tell you, they have been told this lie.

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2.I Love You

This lie is usually told to women to get them into a relationship and make them comfortable enough so guys can have sex with them.

3.You Are Only One In My Life, I Swear

Guys who usually say this lie are the ones with numerous side-chicks and worse case scenario, a baby mama.

4.No Sex Before Marriage

He’ll say; “I promise not to have sex since that’s what you want” but once you say yes and enter the relationship, it’s a different ball game entirely.

5.Only The “Tip” Will Enter

When he tell you only the tip will enter, you know he’s really in the mood, and wants everything to enter.

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6. I Will Not Move, Let Me Put It Inside Small

Another huge lie men tell ladies

7.Boasting About Their Sexual Capabilities

Men always picture themselves as ultimate love-makers whiles when it comes to the actual action, they end up under-performing.

8.Lie About Their Whereabouts

Guys can tell you they are home but actually they are out with their guy friends chilling with their side-chicks.

9.Lies About Money

Guys always lie about having money whiles they don’t have even 1pesewa in their pockets just to impress a lady. Married men also lie to their wives that they do not have money when they actually have.

10.Source of Income

More vim to all the fraud boys and other guys who can’t proudly reveal their source of income, and always telling lies to their girlfriends.

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