Ghanaian Ladies: Here Are 10 Signs That Prove He’s The Right Guy To Marry

Nowadays, most ladies find it very difficult to determine if the guy they are in love with or dating is the right guy to marry.

Well, in today lifestyle section of, we have gathered 10 Signs That Definitely Prove He’s Mr. Right.

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1.He’s An Independent Guy

From the inception of creation, God created “a male and a female” and at a point, a man will leave their parents and be joined to his wife.

As such, a lady will need who will be independent of himself and not be reliant on his parents.

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2.A Caring And Loving Person

The second sign is that a caring and loving guy. As a husband, you need to render some sort of affection towards your wife and vice versa.

3.He’s Loyal To Only You

The wife does not have authority over her own body but the husband does, same applies to the man as well.

4.He’s Loves Himself And Takes Care of Himself

As a husband you need to love your wife just as you love your own body.

A guy who loves you definitely loves himself.

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5.He Trusts You Totally

Another sign is him trusting you totally. A guy who trusts you wholeheartedly is one to definitely say “I Do” to.

6.He’s Very Patient With You Even When He Shouldn’t Be

A guy who’s always patient towards to you is one to get married to.

Because a furious man will definitely react to towards you when you are pissing him off.

7.He Appreciates Your Little Efforts

A guy who adores and appreciate everything you do for him is one you should not let go.

Because he’s someone who will always praise you even when if you are doing so little.

8.He’s A Good Role Model To Young Guys

A guy who has the ability to be role models to other young guys is a guy you should get married to.

This is because such a guy will be a good role model to his children, and will bring up the children in the right manner.

Evil company corrupts good habits.

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9.He’s Not A Drunkard

Another sign to look out for is that the guy is not a drunkard.

Definitely, no lady would want to get married to a guy who sees alcohol as the solution his problems.

Such a guy will be a bad influence on the children.

10.He’s Very Wise

According to the bible, he who walks with wise men, become wise.

So just imagine getting married to a wise guy. He will utilize his wisdom for the betterment of his wife and family.

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