4 Interesting Ways To Get More Pleasure From Your Breasts During S3x (No.3 Will Shock You)

We are back once again with more tips for bedroom. Earlier, we published an article where we shared with you interesting tips you need to know before engaging in s3x. (Do well to read it to the end)

Well, today we are bringing more interesting tips but we are focusing on the breasts pertaining to women not men. (LOL..!!!)

The breast is the tissue overlying the chest (pectoral) muscles. Women’s breasts are made of specialized tissue that produces milk (glandular tissue) as well as fatty tissue.

Interestingly, aside producing milk, the breasts during s3x becomes a different thing all together. When we are talking about erotic parts on a woman’s body, the breast is one.

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But the question is how do you get more pleasure from the breasts….? So today we reveal to you all those ways you can get more pleasure from the breasts during s3x.

1.Experiment With New Sensations

Before you play around with different strokes and touches, first tune into your senses.

2.Take Advantage of Your Size

To get more pleasure or satisfaction from your breasts during s3x, you need to maximize your size. Did you know your breasts becomes 25% larger when you are aroused? Yes….!!! This is due the increase in blood flow to that place.

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Playing with the weight-feel in certain positions is a way to take advantage of that size change.

3.Experiment With Some Toys

If you are willing to get more pleasure from your breasts, you need to experiment with some toys. You can try some vibrators or small massager to stimulate other areas of your breast.

You can also try with electric toothbrushes, chip clips, tape, candle wax, and even ice.

4.Try New Positions

Positions where you are top give you and partner access to your nipples. Don’t be scared to grab them yourself and give them a gentle or rough pull and squeeze.

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