5 Tips Ghanaian Couples Need To Know Before Engaging In S3x (No.5 Will Blow Your Mind)

Aside Gob3 and honey, the next sweetest thing on this planet is s3x. Yes Oooo…!!! In today’s generation, it is a way couples prove that they are in love with each other.

Well, today we bring you some tips you need to consider or know before having s3x with your partner. Let’s Begin…!!!

1.A Woman’s Cl1toris is very sensitive and not just for pleasure

Well, during the act, the most sensitive part of a woman is the cl1toris. However, there is an extent to which it can be pleasured. When you overdo, it turns out to be very unpleasant and uncomfortable. So, just go slow and gentle on it.

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2.The V@gina Is Part Of The Whole Person

It is very key to kiss and caress the vulva before the whole oral sex fully begins. It really helps to put her in the mood more. Also, don’t forget other parts like her leg, back and the rest of her body.

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3.She Fidgets For A Reason

Why do you think she’s fidgeting all the time? Well, she maybe sending you a message that you should stop hitting the same spot, and change to another spot without having to give you instruction.

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4.Put On A Show For Him

Well, most guys love shows when it comes to the bedroom. Guys get turn on by what they see and hear, so ladies, letting out a sexy moan during the act will heighten him more to keep going. Then make sure to throw in some eye contact to make him aware you are enjoying it.

5.The Male G-Spot

Well, majority of ladies don’t know that guys also have g-spot. Yes guys have a G-spot…!!! It is located about a finger length from the anus opening. Use light pressure and massage it with your fingers, as if you were pointing up towards the penis for great pleasure.

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