7 Surprising Benefits Of Common Tea Bags Most Ghanaians Never Imagined Existed

I am very confident more than 90% of people who are reading this article did not know tea bags have certain importance after it’s extraction in hot water.

For those who don’t know what tea bags are: A tea bag is a small, porous, sealed bag or packet containing dried edible plant material, which is immersed in water to steep and make an infusion.

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In today’s article, we have gathered some usefulness of tea bags you never knew existed.

1.Smelly Feet

Are you someone whose always suffering from smelly feet? Then your saviour is tea bag. How do you get rid of the uncontrollable smell on your feet? Just soak your feet in warm water with used tea bag and viola the odor will vanish.

2.Itchy Eyes

Do you experience Itchy eyes…? Tea bag is once again your solution. Just soak the used tea bags in water then place them on your eyelids and your eyes will feel relieved.

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3.Hands Odor

After handling smelly foods such as fish, washing your hands with used tea bags helps to neutralize the smell. A perfect solution for your smelly hands

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