9 Reasons Why Every Ghanaian Should Shop From Kikuu Online Shopping App


There are a handful of online shopping sites such as Jumia, Aliexpress, Ebay, Amazon among others.

One peculiar feature of these popular online shopping sites is that they do have quality products but they’re very costly and the products keep long to arrive.

Since most Ghanaians have become accustomed to online shopping, today I will be sharing with you the newest online shopping app and reasons why you need to advantage, and shop from this online shopping app.

I have experimented it and is unavailable, so much quality products with very low prices at your fingertips.

This newest online shopping app is known Kikuu Online Shopping App.


Kikuu Online Shopping App is the go-to online app which helps you to find and buy a wide range of quality products at the convenience of your mobile device.

There is also a wide category of products for you to select from, these include; electronics, clothing, shoes, luggage & bags, jewellery & watches, home & garden, health & beauty and others.


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Below Are A Few Reasons Why I Would Encourage You Buy Products From Kikuu Online Shopping App


1.High Quality Product At Cheap Prices

As a mentioned earlier, most of the online shopping sites may have quality products but they cost so much an average Ghanaian cannot afford it.



2.Safe Shopping & Free Shipping

Aside giving quality products at cheap prices, majority of these quality products are shipped for free at no charge. Free shipping and safe shopping of your product, what more would you want from an online shopping…?



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3.Flash Sale

One interesting feature about Kikuu Online Shopping App is that they run a flash sale every day. What’s a Flash Sale?

These are products which are sold at very drastic prices than the actual price every single day.

Checkout a screen shot below;


4.Gives New Users Free $100 Coupon

Isn’t this amazing? Kikuu Online Shopping App offers every new person who signs up $100 coupon to used. This $100 Coupon can be use when you purchase items on the Shopping App adding up to a particular total.

For instance, you purchase items to the total of $200, you can use the $100 coupon to reduce it to $100. This means you will pay for $100 instead of the $200. Hope you got it?


$100_Coupon_Josh_The_Vanisher 100_dollar_Coupon_Kikuu_Josh_The_Vanisher



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5.Easily Read Reviews Before Purchase

The app allows you to read reviews of the product you want to buy before you actually purchase. This will help you to verify whether the product you want to buy is good or not.

Amazingly, most of the reviews on the Kikuu App are positive ones so there’s nothing to worry about.



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6.You Can Start Your Own Business With Their Wholesale Offers

If you are a person looking to start your own buy and sell business, then you can take advantage of Kikuu Online Shopping App Wholesale offers.

Most of their wholesale offers will simply blow your mind. You can purchase a lot of items at very cheap prices and re-sell them at high prices to make abnormal profits.

Take a look at the screen shot below;



You buy 20 of these bags at 13 Ghana Cedis and re-sell at 30 Ghana Cedis or 50 Ghana Cedis. Just Imagine the profit you will make.


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7.Safe and Secure Mode of Payment

I guess some of you reading would be asking whether the mode of payment is safe and secured? I assure you it is safe and secured. There’s no need to be scared.

For my fellow Ghanaian, Kikuu App accepts mobile money for payment of their items (Airtel Money, Tigo Cash, Vodafone Cash, MTN Money). You can also use Credit Card as well.



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8.Track Your Orders or Products Easily

The awesome app allows you to track your orders easily from when it’s shipped from the manufacturing country, to when it arrives in the country and so on.

A screen shot below shows you how everything go.



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9.You Earn Money from The Kikuu App

This is one interesting features why I love the Kikuu Online Shopping App. It pays you for inviting your friends and family to join Kikuu Online Shopping.

This program being run by Kikuu Online Shopping App is called Money Go. When you sign up, go to you “My Kikuu”, you will find the Money Go button there.


Click on the “Money Go” button and start sharing your referral link with your friends and family on all your social media platform inviting them to join Kikuu.

In a few minutes, you will be getting message on your phone on how much you are making so far. Additionally, encourage your friends who join to also share their referral link with their friends.

Amazingly, you will get half the amount of money your friend making from inviting others to join. Also, you can use this money to buy any item you want on their online shopping app.

I guess you are now interesting in joining. A screenshot of How Much I Have Made So Far…!!!!


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Here Are The Countries That Can Use Kikuu Online Shopping App At The Moment; Ghana, Tanzania, Uganda, Cameroon, Congo, Nigeria, Cote D’Ivoire, DR Congo and Senegal.





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