All The Reasons Why Shatta Michy Run Away With Shatta Wale’s Range Rover And The Alleged Lady Who’s Snatching Shatta Wale From Michy (Photos)

Yesterday, there was news trending on social media that Shatta Michy had run away with Shatta Wale’s son, Majesty, his new Range Rover and some important documents belong to him.

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Let me tag u so dat it enters ur brain @michygh ….how many people will believe dat…de love i have for Michy connected me to @shattawalenima ?? I just love de girl so she is de last person i will do her bad. I refused her husband proposal on many occasions and even refused to meet dis guy in person cux i didn’t wanna go into their relationship n de love i hv for Shatta no…wen we meet today…SEX will come in so i do hide n seek wid him oo 😭…but wat am hearing no de3…i think dis is de right time to take ma man tho cux i can’t see him dead…he gotta get sound mind to do more music for de nation. Michy wherever u are hiding with Majesty. husband Range Rover and other important documents. ..bring dem back baby…after stabbing ur husband back with Scissors and sharp objects…u run away with all these stuffs…why are u doing dis to urself???? Do u want me to believe in those hard drugs n many people tagged u???? Sweetheart. ..people were about to bring ur stuffs out..naked videos ..voice note..messages n many but i begged dem in DM n everything is wid me nowww…..wat at all do u want from dis world???? The story continues. ………………tomorrow. ..gudnite.

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However, Shatta Michy this morning reacted all the fuzz that was going on through her Instagram page.

According to her, she can no longer be in an abusive and draining relationship with Shatta Wale.

She further indicated that she wants to be able to smile genuinely and not keep hiding tears behind every smile.

Apparently, Instagram gossip page @thosecalledcelebs who happens to be a lady is the one snatching Shatta Wale from Shatta Michy.

The anonymous Instagram celebrity gossip page revealed that Shatta Wale has proposed to her so many times but rejected his proposal all of the love she has for Michy.

However, she further indicated that she will definitely snatch Shatta Wale from her.

He added that “the cock kraa I have not yet chop but u crying

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