Checkout A Leaked Video of Sharon Gh Displaying Her Ashawo Lifestyle (Watch Video)

I guess you must have seen the trending video on social media at the moment where a girl was beaten up by a gang of girls after being set up by a boy because he wanted to prove his girlfriend that he loves her and is loyal and faithful to only her.

The girl who was beaten up in the video is called Akosua Sika, boy and his girlfriend are called  Asaawa Gh and Sharon Gh respectively. (These are their Facebook user names)

Akosua Sika
                            Here Is Akosua Sika, The Girl Who Was Beaten Up

However, Sharon Gh with her gang of girls who beat up Akosua Sika is believed to also have skeletons in her closet, as a result, her actions against Akosua Sika has anger a number of Facebook Users to reveal the true lifestyle of Sharon Gh.

Ashawo Lifestyle of Sharon Gh_Josh_The_Vanisher
                                                Sharon Gh, The Ashawo Madam

A Facebook User by name Portia Abena Kiki in a video she posted on her timeline indicated Sharon Gh is a big time ashawo and she further insulted Sharon Gh’s boyfriend Asaawa Gh.

The Facebook User said “Sharon GH see your life..U dey do premium and guys they chop you. How many of their gals beat you. You only deserve that moose face of a boyfriend.

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