Did You Know Fella Makafui Went To Dubai To Exchange Her TONGA For GHC7? – See All The Filla

Do you remember the time actress Fella Makafui went to Dubai for a vacation without her booboo Medikal who at the moment was in the US for some music stuff…? Apparently, there is another side to her Dubai vacation.

According to an Instagram blogger @aba_the_great actress Fella Makafui went on her Dubai vacation to see a man and after her night service, she was given 5 Dirhams which is equivalent to GHC7.

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According to the Instagram blogger, Fella Makafui thought 5 Dirhams was equivalent to GHC500.

The Instagram blogger @aba_the_great seemed to have got her information from another user @delphina_nana_asante whom according to her was the tour guide for Fella Makafui when she visited.

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@delphina_nana_asante commented on a post saying;

See I don’t know who is behind this account but I must tell you Fella brags and has nothing! As in this thing they bore me well like I decided not to talk about it but I think this is the best time.

“When Fella came to dubai I was her tour guide, her food, transportation etc was on me. She claimed some man in Dubai will sort her out some money. The man disappointed her and gave 5 Dirhams which is like 7 gh cedi, this Fella tot it was 500 Dirhams 789 cedis.

“She showed the money to me and I told her it was only 5 Dirhams, 7 ghs, she got disappointed and promised to send my money back to me when she get to Ghana. Trust me…..girl has not sent me my money.

“I wassaped her several times she blue tic me…..if she replies kraa di3 she will tell u am aware I will send it madam the which is when you are paying me????”

“You people are there bragging in Gh. U make lucky I didnt tell Medikal You Exchange your pu$$y in Dubai for 5 Dirhams.



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