5 Magical And Healthy Benefits You Derive From Kissing Your Partner Everyday (No. 5 & 2 Will Shock You)

Before you get into s.exual intercourse with your partner, kissing usually precedes the action. 

Kissing is very magical and healthy. It is more an exchange of saliva between you and your partner but more of the body. 

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Today on our lifestyle section, we have gathered some interesting, magical and healthy benefits that you derive from kissing your partner everyday.

5.It Is Very Good For Your Teeth

Did you know that the saliva generated from kissing helps to get rid of bacteria and acid from your teeth? Well, now you know. 

4.It Boosts Your Immune System

Saliva production during kissing introduces a variety of bacteria into your body, helping to improve your immune system.

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3.It Reduces Allergies

Making out everyday your partner reduces itchy symptoms that come with skin and nasal allergies.

A study has proven that kissing for 30 mins decreases any allergic reactions and symptoms

2.Delays Ageing Signs

Kissing your partner everyday increases the amount of blood to your face, which simulates collagen production, and that contributes to anti-ageing.

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1.It Burns Face Fat

A simple kiss burns a calorie or two, whiles tongue kissing burns up 26 calories per minute. 

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