My Parents Saw Me As A Nobody, So They Plotted To Kill Me – Don Little Reveals

Kumawood Actor Don Little has disclosed in the latest episode of the Delay Show how his parents plotted to kill him.

Speaking to Delay, the kumawood actor indicated that because of his dwarf statute his parents wanted to kill him when he was 5years old.

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According to the actor, his parents felt that he did not have any value and that he was a useless child so his parents wanted to kill him by poisoning him.

He however added that although his mother was very scared of doing such a thing, his father was very insistent on killing him because he’s someone who’s use to killing of because the kind of what he did.

According to him, his father slaughtered animals so killing was nothing new to him.

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When my parents gave birth to me, they realized I was neither growing tall nor they could not get any value from me

So, they saw me as a nobody, and they wanted to kill me” he said

My parents wanted to kill me by poisoning the food I eat” he added

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