Nanny Mercilessly Beats A Sick 2-Year-Old Child For Vomiting On The Sofa (Video)

Be careful of the kind of people you employ as nannies to watch over your children when you are not home.

A Kenyan woman shared a video of her house help who beat her sick 2-year-old daughter with a carpet brush for vomiting on the sofa.

The woman shared this on her Facebook page which reads;

“On this video, this is my daughter Amani,she is 2 and 1/2 years old and the other is Praxides Lumiti Vicheti, the nanny from hell. On 12th March 2019, i saw a footage from my CCTV as my daughter was being brutally beaten with a carpet brush simply because she had vomitted on the Sofa.”

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“First, my daughter was sick, the previous day we were from hospital and sadly my daughter was diagnosed with ulcers(God knows how long this torture had been happening for my daughter to be so stressed).”

We rushed back home and quickly fired the nanny without looking at the full footage. We should have called the police! I know!!!!!I swear its always hard to explain the decisions we make while on panic mode.

“Finally after the lady left we reviewed the footage and my heart still breaks when i see what my daughter went through. So we decided to just use legal means to get justice for our daughter. We reported the matter and finally began the journey to tracking and arresting her.”

“We finally arrested her in parklands where she was working( thank you Viola Ayoo for pretending you knew nothing till we came with the police). On arresting her, we came to know that a few days after leaving my house she had a job at Phenom Estate and later on left for Parklands. This DMs have a huge demand.”

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She was taken to court and is finally out on bond but i wouldn’t be suprised if she is working for another lady who knows nothing about the devil she welcomed to her home.

This is my point, what ever happened to my daughter is irreversible and hopefully she will be well helthwise. Its my sole duty to ensure that no other child goes through this or even worse.
Kindly share and save a child from this monster nannies.

*She is out on bond stay woke my sisters!!!!

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